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Every year RGHSS elects and selects student council and cabinet to encourage leadership qualities, social respect, mutual respect, cooperation and dedication in them. The Investiture Ceremony is generally held during the last week of July every year to handover the responsibilities to the student council by decorating them with sashes and badges. The student council comprises of Head boy, Head girl, Asst. Head boy and Asst. Head girl, Cultural Incharge, Discipline Incharge And Sports Incharge. The school is divided into three Houses Agni, Akash and Dhara. The houses have their House captains and wise captains.
Every year school celebrates Annual Day with zeal and enthusiasm. The students participate in various activities like dance, drama, skits, songs, instrumental songs etc. ranging from classical to western. On this day they get an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents and potential. This day is very eventful and filled with varied colors of fun filled activities. It is a real feast to the eyes and removes the monotony of classroom teaching.
Teacher's Day To pay homage and respect to the teachers the students gear up every year to celebrate this special day. It is a tribute to the teachers by the students and whole day is like a celebration. Sport's Day As healthy mind resides in healthy body, so to keep our mind fit in RGHSS various sports activities are held. To inculcate sportsman qualities, sports day is celebrated every year and the winners are duly awarded.
Students celebrates Teachers day to pay tribute to their teachers. So, we teachers celebrate children's day in a very different way. Children are dressed in colourful attire and the day starts with a colourful, power-packed bonanza of various activities in which teachers show their cultural talents in the form of dance, drama, songs etc.
  Every year the artifacts which are creatively made by the students under the guidance of craft teacher are displayed in the exhibition. This art form inculcates creative and artistic temperament in the children.
RGHSS organizes Tours and excursions every year to give an opportunity to students to see and explore the outer world giving a practical insight into the architecture, science, culture and traditions of our country. Excursions, tours and picnics recharge the students. This takes the children one step closer to the nature which indirectly allows them to love their surroundings, environment and Mother-Earth. They become eco-friendly which is the need of the hour.