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The School

RGHSS emphasizes skill development and enhances a student vocational aptitude and learning. It paves the way for a healthier society.

Rajeev Gandhi Higher Secondary School aims at the proper development of mind through quality education and by understanding the feelings and emotions of a child, tries to preserve its innocence and help him attain maturity in a healthy environment. This would further enable him to maintain human dignity and self-respect. Special efforts are made : 

  • To inculcate self-confidence, self-reliance and independent, impartial reasoning and judgment.
  • To instill the spirit of nationalism & patriotism.
  • To train them to obey their elders, parents, teachers and have love and kindness for the poor and downtrodden.
  • To develop the habit of speaking the truth and always follows the path of truth.
  • To respect all religions.
  • To always be friendly polite and helpful to others.

CHOUHAN EDUCATION SOCIETY, established this school in 1997. This temple of knowledge was inaugurated by Mr. Mukesh Nayak, Education Minister. Since then, we are striving incessantly.

It has taken years of perseverance & commitment for Rajeev Gandhi Sr. sec. school to be able to fly on the wings of success. Today it holds a prestigious position among the reputed CBSE schools.

This alma mater is run under the aegis of CHOUHAN EDUCATION SOCIETY, a name which needs no introduction. It is known for its academic excellence, amazing infrastructure and best teaching practices with highly experienced and dedicated teachers, who assist the students to achieve their dreams.

Rajeev Gandhi encourages leadership qualities, self-reliance, mutual respect, co-operation and dedication in students .To inculcate these attributes, a body of student council is formed. The cabinet members are elected and selected on their abilities and overall performances.

For over all development of a child, apart from academic excellence, competitive temperament, sports man spirit and team work is also very essential. The school is divided into three houses. The names of houses are purposely derived from the components of Nature Dhara, Agni, Aakash. So that the student should feel the force of "nature" , without which life is not possible.

Inter-House activities are conducted throughout the year, in order to develop qualities of trust, dedication, co-operation, mutual understanding and patience.

Education is the soul of a society which involves teaching and learning. It is a continuous process . Education influences the thought process and gives an opportunity to evolve.

As teachers , we are the custodians of this future generation.

Rajeev Gandhi Hr.Sec. School has been continuously providing holistic education to the students and preparing them as responsible citizens who are strong enough to face the challenges of life and come out as a winner.

Learning is delight. Here, the students learn not only through books but also through the activities organized in sports , dance, debate competitions and activities etc.

As in Indian tradition every day is begun by invoking Almighty. So, we start our day by chanting of mantras and Saraswati Vandana to seek blessings. It freshens up the morning and rejuvenates the students . Our morning assembly is very eventful. It fills the body and the soul of the students with vigour and vitality.

The excellent infrastructure is an additional asset of this organization

The building, Labs, Playground, Library, Art & Craft room, Music room, Smart Classes are available to transform the hidden potentialities into realities.

The educational tours and trips organized every year help the students to understand the rich and varied culture and enrich their knowledge .

The challenge of imparting education is achieved by extra classes and remedial classes for the slow learners and weak students.

We at Rajeev Gandhi are continuously LEARNING, EVOLVING AND DREAMING

Each child is an individual, that all children are individuals, that all children are creative, that all children need to succeed. So for the holistic development of the children education is imparted through Smart-Classes and by organizing various educational activities like Olympiads, Quiz, Debate and PPTS. Different club like Environment, Science, IT club etc... are activated to organize various Inter House activities to harness their competitive -skill.

To spread awareness among children various Seminars, Rallies and related Nukkad Natak and Skits were conducted on social issues like Cleanliness, Hygiene and Traffic Rules. Student were guided by the toppers of IIT and 12th Board Examination.

Our mission is Qualitative Education, to develop young man with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their belief's to stress the total development each Child, Spiritual(Yoga, Meditation), Moral (Donation, Visit To Old-Age Home or Orphanage), Intellectual(Quiz, Seminars), Social(Cleanliness, Gardening), Physical(Sports And Games) and Hygiene.

The team RGHSS encourages students to be confident, knowledgeable, responsible and productive citizen, a diverse, ever-changing world.

School plays a pivotal role in moulding an individual future. A child always wants to fly, and at Rajeev Gandhi School , we provide them the wings for their dream flight.

Our school has been instrumental in nurturing the wealth of the children. The real purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. We firmly believe in these words and wish that every child is endowed with such virtues and qualities that he stands out as a winner in the crowd.